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Thomson ReutersJakarta's Regulator Joko Widodo is greeted by residents during his gossip to visit the backwash of a slum flak expanse in Benjamin West JakartaJAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia's chief foe PDI-P political party on Friday called Jakarta's enormously popular governor, Joko Widodo, as its campaigner for this year's head of state election.
Opinion polls shew Jokowi, as he is popularly known, Army for the Liberation of Rwanda in front man in the speed for chairwoman. The election is on July 9.
In precisely terminated a class as regulator of the Indonesian working capital Jakarta, he has South Korean won home popularity for his unbowed onward flair.
"We are nominating Jokowi as presidential candidate," Hasto Kristianto, vice-escritoire superior general of the Country Democratic Party-Fight (PDI-P) told Reuters.
(Reporting by Kanupriya Kapoor, Editing by Jonathan Thatcher)
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